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What size does the UFLOAT fit?

  • The UFLOAT is one universal size with fully adjustable straps

  • It is made for persons over 90 pounds

  • Waist size 24 in. - 54 in.

What kind of materials make up the UFLOAT?

  • The UFLOAT utilizes the same materials as found in traditional high end neoprene life jackets

  • Neoprene, Thick PVC Foam, nylon straps and webbing, thick plastic buckles

Does the UFLOAT count as a life jacket?

  • Yes !!! The UFLOAT satisfies the USCG requirement to carry life jackets or personal flotation devices on board. One pfd per person on board the recreational boat!

  • It is the world’s first United States Coast Guard Certified and Approved ‘upside down’ life jacket or pfd

  • Use the UFLOAT in oceans, lakes, rivers and pools. Wherever there is calm water!

Do you make a UFLOAT for kids?

  • Yes !!! The kids model is made for kids up to 90 pounds.

  • Fully adjustable straps as well, so the kids can use it from an early age until they are 90 pounds, then they will need to use the adult UFLOAT.

How long does the UFLOAT last?

  • The UFLOAT will last up to 5 years (the USCG recommends changing life jackets / pfd’s every 5 years)

  • Just wash off the UFLOAT with regular water after each use and hang to dry for a long lasting UFLOAT !